smushy face

only zoey would lay like this…

Anonymous said: Have you and your bf ever got into any horrible fights? Like he threatens to leave you or something?

We’ve had a few bad fights over the course of 4 years, but we always stay and work through our problems. No threats to leave, from either of us haha

Anonymous said: would you ever go into modeling?

Dont think so! I’ve never really considered myself pretty enough or photogenic haha


no godsno masters

One of my favorites quotes ever.

Anonymous said: What are your extracurriculars? Are you musically inclined?

I WISH.. my boyfriend is so musical and I am so not. But uh I don’t do that much- I work at a pharmacy, I just got elected secretary of the pre-pharmacy club at my university (nerdy, I know), and I watch TV and sleep and do yoga

Thats my life