Anonymous said: Do you have a football jersey? If so, what size?

I do! I have a kids large and it fits kind of oversized but I like it

Anonymous said: Have you and your boyfriend ever taken a break from your relationship?

Nope! :)


no image has ever described my life quite so well

il rumore del mare.

Anonymous said: Has he ever ignored you on Facebook or text?

omg yes all the time LOL especially when I send him like 10 puppy videos in a row..
But jk not really, hes usually working and stuff haha

Anonymous said: What is the longest you and your boyfriend haven't talked to each other? Like no communication at all even though you both aren't busy.

10 days when I was in Mexico and had no wifi haha

Anonymous said: Totally agree about your I love you statement. Can't remember the last time my boyfriend and I said those words to each other and felt something. 😔

Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. I definitely love him, its just that saying “goodnight, I love you”, “goodbye, I love you” etc etc just become a habit and sometimes I think we forget why we started saying it in the first place.
Always make sure the words have meaning, or don’t say them!

After awhile, “I love you” seems less about the feeling and more about the routine

Anonymous said: When do you usually get your annual deans certificate?

ooh I have no idea haha. Maybe sometime in the fall?